February 10, 2018


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   African Violet Leaves Curling & Dying   

"My African violets leaves start to curl under on the edge and steadily get more limp, lose all firmness, get soft and mushy, die and dry up.I cannot find any bugs or anything that looks like a mold. I'd appreciate your suggestions." - Read the answer


Pruning Tips and Techniques
Early spring is a great time to prune many trees and shrubs. Start by making sure your pruning tools are nice and sharp. Then check out the following pruning tips for successful snipping this spring.
Seed Starting Tips
There are three excellent reasons to start plants from seed. First, you'll have many more varieties to choose from. Garden centers and greenhouses usually only offer the most popular plants and leave many new or old-fashioned varieties off the table. Starting plants from seed also can be much less expensive than buying only started plants. And finally, you have the joy and satisfaction of starting your own plants and watching them grow under your care. You have the added benefit of being able to give away extra plants if more germinate and survive than you have room for.
Prolific and Terrific: Ranunculus
Brilliantly colored flowers are 'ranunculus' chief attraction, and they are indeed special. They most often come in multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper--thin petals, looking like an origami masterwork. Ranunculus (R. asiaticus) excel in southern and western gardens, and make terrific container plants everywhere.
Growing Beets and Turnips
Both beets and turnips are a duel purpose crop- you can eat both their green tops as well as their roots. Learn how easy these plants are to grow.
All About Chinese Tree Peonies
Holding a place of honor in Asia, peonies are worthy of a spot in your garden. Colors range from white through shades of pink, magenta, red, and yellow, as well as variable hues. But descriptions alone don't do justice to the way they look. Each petal has numerous shades that give the flower a look of shimmering silk. We'll help you find the perfect variety to grow.
Let's Grow Peas
One of the best spring vegetables to grow is green peas. Because they're not always available in grocery stores, growing them yourself is the best way to be sure you'll get to enjoy these tasty treats. Plus, since they're an early spring vegetable, growing peas is a great way to start your vegetable gardening season.
Prune Your Roses
Pruning has four main goals: remove dead twigs and branches; remove weak, damaged, and useless branches; open the plant to improve air circulation; and create an attractive shape. We're here to help you prune your roses.


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