May 12, 2018


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   Holly Bushes Turning Yellow   

"I have two sets of Holly bushes in front of my house. One set is doing fine, yet the other is turning yellow. They are only about ten feet from each other and the bushes around and in between are doing fine. All of the bushes were planted in 1991 so they are well established. We are in the middle of a heat wave, but they are getting watered regularly once a week and I don't understand why one set is doing fine and the other is not." - Read the answer


The May Not-A-Raffle-Raffle!
Our biggest raffle of the year! Come check out the awesome selection of prizes we're offering. You're going to want to bring a big bag of acorns for this one.
Renovating an Overgrown Houseplant
Branching, shrub-like houseplants, such as scented geranium, hibiscus, flowering maple, begonia, and schefflera, need regular pruning to keep them healthy and attractive.
Weeds- Nutsedge
Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) is a perennial weed that usually appears in colonies. Common in moist soils throughout much of North America, nutsedge reproduces by shedding seeds and by developing nut-like edible "chufas" on its root tips.
Corn Earworm
This pest is common throughout North America. The adult is an inch long, tan moth. In spring, yellow eggs are laid on leaf undersides.The caterpillar larva has alternating light and dark stripes that may be green, pink,
Mulching Tomatoes
Mulch is simply a covering over the soil that keeps moisture in, blocks weeds and protects low-growing tomatoes from resting on the ground and developing rot. There's some extra benefit to using organic mulches such as grass clippings, hay, leaves or sawdust because these materials -- unlike plastic, aluminum or other synthetic mulches -- decompose, providing food for the millions of microorganisms that live in the soil, making nutrients available to your plants and improving soil structure.


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