May 26, 2018


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   The coleus it a annual or perennial ?   

"Have lots of these in my deck railing boxes. Hate to see them all die off when the cold comes. Do they return next spring or could I bring them in the house or should I just let them all die off and buy all new ones next year : ( They are so big and bushy now. Sooooo.....what should I do?
ALSO!!! When can I plant Cannas?" - Read the answer


Meet the Asian Pears
Like apples, Asian pears ripen on the tree and have a crisp, firm texture. But like pears, they have juicy, white flesh and pear flavor and fragrance.
Weeds- Plantain
Broadleaf plantain (Plantago major) is found throughout North America, usually in compacted places in lawns or in garden pathways. A tap-rooted perennial, plantain becomes dormant in winter, and new leaves appear in mid-spring.
Planting a Window Box
Combine flowering plants and those with attractive foliage in window boxes to add color to decks, window sashes, and porch rails.
There are many species of grasshoppers in North America, and about 30 of these qualify as garden pests. They are most damaging in the center of the continent in a band extending from Minnesota and Montana in the
Growing Oregano
There are several species of oregano used in cooking, but the one we recommend for kitchen use is Origanum heracleoticum. If you haven't been impressed with the flavor of oregano you've purchased at the store, consider that commercially available dried oregano may contain any number of species of oregano, and even unrelated plants! Growing your own is the best way to find out which best suits your palate and compliments other ingredients.
Maintaining Container Gardens
These simple maintenance tasks keep your patio planters and window boxes looking their best throughout the growing season and help cold-climate gardeners prepare for winter.
Weeds- Curly Dock
Curly dock (Rumex crispus) is a hardy perennial weed found in most American gardens that is anchored by a branched taproot. New green leaves that emerge in spring often are tinged with red.


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