June 9, 2018


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   Petunias Wilting, Dying   

"I saw your answer about potted petunias that wilt and die one by one. You said that it might be a fungus in the soil. My potted petunias were doing great, blooming, etc. but parts of the plant are now wilting & dying. How can I determine if it is fungus, and what type? Can the soil be treated? Can the fungus be killed? I do not see any pests (such as slugs) around the petunia plants. Thank you." - Read the answer


The June Not-A-Raffle-Raffle!
Another gigantic raffle for June - come check out the prizes we're offering this month. Get your acorns out!
Pest Control- The Cucumber Beetle
There are two forms of cucumber beetle -- one striped and the other sporting a dozen black spots. Cucumber beetles are pests of far more plants than their name indicates. In addition to cucumbers and their relatives (squashes, gourds, and melons), these beetles are known to feed on beans, peas, corn and blossoms of several wild and cultivated plants. The spotted cucumber beetle feeds on an even wider array of cultivated plants, adding potatoes, beets, tomatoes, eggplants, and cabbage to its menu. The larva of the spotted cucumber beetle is also known as the southern corn rootworm. In addition to corn roots, it infests peanuts, small grains and many wild grasses. You may find them feasting on your roses and dahlias, as well.
Understanding Corn Genetics
Corn's unique reproductive process has made it a plant breeder's dream. Ever since the theories of heredity put forth by such men as Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin were recognized in the late 1800s, corn has been continually bred and recrossed to create new varieties.
Strawberry Essentials
Here are the basics to growing strawberries.
Growing Thyme
Thymes are versatile, indeed - more than fifty varieties are judged useful for culinary or ornamental gardens! Its flavor heightens that of most any food.
Weeds- Pigweed
Pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus) is often called redroot pigweed because of its pinkish red root. A warm-weather annual most common where summers are hot, pigweed seeds sprout in late spring or early summer.
Planting a Pollinator Garden
Ants -- Although ants like pollen and nectar, they aren't good pollinators, so many flowers have sticky hairs or other mechanisms to keep them out.
Various species of this pest are found throughout the United States; they are more common in the South. Stinkbugs are shield-shaped, and may be green, brown, or bluish-gray.


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