July 28, 2018


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   Mushroom outbreak in new sod!!!!!!!!   

"Just ordered and installed 4 pallettes of Empire Zoysia sod from Home Depot. We love this sod. It has been in almost 3 weeks! It is gorgeous! Looks like Ireland but we now have a 100 or so mushrooms every morning popping up! We have tried to pick them w/ no results. What should we do? kate in Venice,FL" - Read the answer


Sweet Potato Weevil
This pest affects crops in the southern United States. The weevils' larvae -- 1/3-inch-long white legless grubs with dark heads -- tunnel through sweet potato roots and vines
Find your Zone
Exactly which USDA hardiness zone are you in? Well, it depends. Use our zone map and article to help.
Crepe Myrtles: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties
The Crepe Myrtle is a fast-growing, small to medium-sized deciduous tree that produces large, colorful flowers over a long period from midsummer to fall. The foliage is attractive in fall and the textured bark provides winter interest. Another common name is southern lilac. It is typically cultivated as a multi-trunked flowering tree grown throughout the warmer climates of the world.
Aeoniums: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties
These rosette succulents from the Canary Islands are popular garden plants in arid climates, providing color accents (especially red, purple, and yellow) that vary with the passage of the seasons. Aeoniums make excellent container plants in less forgiving climates, though they require a lot of light indoors. Most of the plants in cultivation are hybrids and cultivars, rather than species (which total about 40, depending on how you count).
The Little Bulbs
Fall is bulb planting season, and while many gardeners focus on the showy blooms of tulips and daffodils I have a personal preference for what people call the little bulbs. (Some people call them minor bulbs, but that doesn't seem fair, considering how lovely and low maintenance they are).
Roses: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties
Roses are shrubs with prickly stems, pinnate compound leaves, and ornamental flowers, usually fragrant. This standard definition conveys none of the charm that has inspired poets, painters, sculptors, architects, and designers for centuries. The rose may be the most prominent plant in the arts, decor, and symbolism.
The Cole Crop Family
Gardeners often group broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kohlrabi together as "cole crops". Cole is the German word for cabbage, hence the term "cole slaw". Cole crops are hardy and grow best in cool weather. An easy way to remember this is to think how much "cole" sounds like "cold" or "cool".


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