August 4, 2018


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Basil Varieties
Common basil (Ocimum basilicum) includes a number of different basils most commonly used for cooking. Sweet basil Your basic basil, with large leaves and white flowers. The Genovese variety (names include Sweet Genovese and Genovese or Genova Profumitissima) is particularly nice, with a very pleasing flavor preferred for pestos. I've also found it a vigorous, luxuriant grower, slow to bolt.
Guidelines for Successful Tree Planting
Planting a tree is a long-term investment. Your tree will do the best if you take the time to get it off to the best start by planting and caring for it correctly.
Gardening Tips for Attracting Birds
The National Wildlife Federation has designated the entire month of May as Garden for Wildlife Month. Next up in our weekly series about creating wildlife habitat gardens are some tips on attracting birds from the Federation's Naturalist David Mizejewski.
Planning for Peaches
Few gastronomical treats come close to the season's first bite into a peach: the faint tingle of fuzz on your lips, the flesh, softer and sweeter than you remembered, and the trickle of juice down your chin, warm, sticky, and wonderful.
Harvesting Onions
There's never a time when onions aren't ready for harvesting. They can be picked and eaten at any stage. No matter how many onions you use during the season, though, it's nice to have a crop of big onions mature at the end of summer to store for the fall and winter months.
Hibiscus: Plant Care and Varieties
Hibiscus are deciduous shrubs with dark green leaves; the plants can grow to 15 feet tall in frost-free areas. Flowers may be up to 6 inches diameter, with colors ranging from yellow to peach to red. Hibiscus can be planted singly or grown as a hedge plant; they can also be pruned into a single-stemmed small tree. The flowers are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.
Rose of Sharon: Plant Care and Varieties
An erect, deciduous shrub, Rose of Sharon produces colorful, cup-shaped flowers in summer and fall. Other common names include shrub althea and Chinese hibiscus


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