August 18, 2018


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Avoiding the Mummy Berry in Blueberries
Blueberries are a popular fruit for home gardeners. They are generally easy to grow and the berries are delicious and highly nutritious. But sometimes the mature berries shrivel up, turning gray and hard. Blossoms turn brown and dry up, immature berries may fall before they ripen and eventually the tips of branches may wilt and die.
Plants to Extend Your Blooming Garden into Fall
As the heat of the summer starts to give way to cooler days and nights it's time to think about getting the most out of the fall season that lies ahead. There are a number of plants that thrive in the fall, and depending on where you live, the time is here or fast approaching when you should start planning for extending the growing season. There are plants for show, edible plants, and some that do double duty that just might fit your design and taste. Here are a few that I like.
Drying Flowers
What you dry is just as important as how you dry it. The drying techniques that I describe work for all flowers- come join the fun!
Fall Tree Care
When thinking about fall tree maintenance, think unstaking and untying, unwrapping, unmulching and unbinding.
Growing Herbs Indoors
Everyone seems to want to grow herbs these days. And why not? Even just a few pots of herbs indoors can supply you with wonderful flavors and herbal gifts through the rest of the year.
Plant Care: Yarrows
Check out our plant care and collection of varities of Yarrows.
Best Herbs for Teas
Here are my picks for the most flavorful and widely adapted "tea" plants for home gardens, along with tips for harvesting and my favorite recipes. All of these plants grow well throughout the United States. They are hardy perennials (up to -20oF) that do well in sun or part shade, except where noted.


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