January 26, 2019


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   Could Garden Kneelers be better?   


I am a student, currently thinking of designing a product that will help gardening for the elderly. I found that garden kneelers were quite popular. Does anyone use a garden kneeler currently? Do you think any improvements could be made? Do you ever get tired whilst using the kneeler, as I understand that it can be strenuous to support yourself in an upright position? Is it easy to get up/ sit down using them? If you were to get one, what would it need to be, Eg. would you want it to be collapsible for easy storage? would you want a seat attached? would you want any storage compartments and what for?

Thank you for the help,

Dylan" - Read the answer


Gardening with Butterflies in Mind
Gardening for butterflies is a suspenseful art, a bit like holding a picnic and wondering if your invited guests will show up. It's because butterflies are choosy insects. Any gardener can have aphids, but red admirals, painted ladies and tiger swallowtails insist upon certain amenities, such as sunshine and shelter from wind.
Planning a Vegetable Garden
Let's review the essentials of a vegetable garden, then we'll describe how I to make raised beds. We believe that if you follow these directions, you'll be well on your way to an abundant harvest and an enjoyable gardening season.
Gardening Indoors with Houseplants
When winter winds blow and the outdoor landscape no longer beckons, gardeners' thoughts turn to visions of amaryllis, poinsettia, and other tropical plants. Fill your home with color, scent, and beauty over the holidays and beyond by creating an indoor garden oasis
Cold-Hardy Clumping Bamboos
Bamboos have become popular landscape plants for creating garden rooms, blocking unsightly views, or lending your garden an Asian feel.
Grow and Enjoy Air Plants
Tillandsias, and other members of the Air Plant Database, seem to live and grow in nothing but air.. As with most plants, imitating their natural environment is the best way to display tillandsias. Let us show you some tips and tricks to get yours thriving.
Gardening for Birds
Although attracting birds to feeders brings hours of birdwatching pleasure, a welcoming landscape is the single best way to encourage the widest variety of birds to visit and reside in your yard year-round.
Let Us Grow Lettuce
There are few things that taste better to a vegetable gardener than the tender lettuce and greens of the season's first homegrown salad. There is a wide variety of lettuces and greens that thrive in cool spring weather. Now is the time to sow some seeds so you can soon be enjoying that delicious first harvest.


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Landscape view by Baja_Costero:
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Landscape view by Baja_Costero:


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