February 2, 2019


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   Majestic palm pest   

"Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of these pests? Or a more natural approach? I've tried showering it in my bathtub and spraying a mixture of water with a little bit of dish soap, garlic and hot peppers. Picture quality isn't as great on this site but they look like gnats and black aphid looking bugs.
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Grow Your Own Jujube
If you live in the right climate- Jujube trees may be a great tree for you to grow. Minimal effort, minimal problems, plus healthy fruit to enjoy.
Broccoli Growing Basics
How to grow broccoli in every zone.
Establish Your Own Wildflower Meadow
Creating a wildflower meadow takes a little effort, but the results are stunning and beneficial to pollinators. A meadow of mixed flowers and native grasses can replace your lawn, cover a slope, or enhance a roadside.
Winter Heaths
Winter-blooming heaths add a splash of color to gardens throughout winter. These hardy, low-growing plants produce a wide variety of bell-shaped or tubular pale pink, reddish purple, and magenta flowers for what seems like an eternity -- October and November into April and May.
Growing Asparagus
Asparagus season starts in January and February in warmer areas and will continue into spring across the country, but a new technique from Taiwan can extend the asparagus-harvesting season wherever you live.
Grow Your Herbs Indoors
Even in winter we can still grow fresh herbs. In most regions the herb garden is now dormant, but with a little planning you can grow many culinary herbs indoors this winter. An indoor herb garden is not only functional, it can be attractive and provide a remembrance of summer during the dark days of winter.
All About Hostas
There is no better way to brighten up a shady spot than by planting hostas. Although the plants bear tall spikes of white or lavender flowers in midsummer, hosta are planted primarily for the season-long show of their striking foliage.


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Landscape view by Esperanza:
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