February 23, 2019


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All About Chinese Tree Peonies
Holding a place of honor in Asia, peonies are worthy of a spot in your garden. Colors range from white through shades of pink, magenta, red, and yellow, as well as variable hues. But descriptions alone don't do justice to the way they look. Each petal has numerous shades that give the flower a look of shimmering silk. We'll help you find the perfect variety to grow.
Let's Grow Peas
One of the best spring vegetables to grow is green peas. Because they're not always available in grocery stores, growing them yourself is the best way to be sure you'll get to enjoy these tasty treats. Plus, since they're an early spring vegetable, growing peas is a great way to start your vegetable gardening season.
Prune Your Roses
Pruning has four main goals: remove dead twigs and branches; remove weak, damaged, and useless branches; open the plant to improve air circulation; and create an attractive shape. We're here to help you prune your roses.
Winter Care for Houseplants
Everyone needs a little R and R, and for houseplants winter is the time to get it. Daylight is dramatically reduced, the air is dry, and temperatures are cool — not the perfect growing conditions. Follow these tips to keep your houseplants in shape through the winter.
Potato Planting
Grow great potatoes. We'll show you how. Potatoes can be planted very early in the season -- almost as soon as the frost is out of the ground and you're able to work the soil. In the North, you can plant your first crop of early maturing potatoes in April, usually six to eight weeks before the last frost.
Pots of Pansies
In early spring, and again in fall, I pot up bright cheerful pansies and violas in containers of all kinds. The potting soil in containers is warm enough for the plants to thrive, and it adds a bright spot in the spring landscape.
Force Tulips Indoors
For those who can never get enough of tulips or can't wait until they spring up naturally in the garden, they can be forced indoors.


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