March 16, 2019


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Did you know we have a dictionary of common gardening terms at What's the difference between a calyx and a bract? These terms plus over 15,000 other words are all defined in our dictionary.

Well! We recently added the ability for anyone to come along and add photos to any dictionary word. If you're logged into the website with your username, then when you view a dictionary word you will see an icon on the right for a photo upload. Click on that and you can then post photos for that entry. You can also copy and paste db_photo tags from our plants database, which will associate that photo the same way.

We're holding a mini-contest for the next couple weeks. From now until March 23rd at 6:00pm CT, add as many photos into the dictionary as you like. At the end, we will award a nice pile of acorns to the top 3 contributors, as well as two randomly selected participants.

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Growing Beets and Turnips
Both beets and turnips are a duel purpose crop- you can eat both their green tops as well as their roots. Learn how easy these plants are to grow.
Four Steps to Rose Success
If you want maximum return on your bed of roses, four important requirements should be taken into consideration: (1) selection of the rose varieties, (2) location of the planting bed, (3) soil preparation, and (4) consistent care.
Selecting Carrots
Carrots that are sold in the supermarket can vary from small, yellowish roots to oversized giants that taste awful. There are even new red and purple colored varieties available. With very little effort, you can grow carrots that look and taste much better than those you see on display in the produce aisles.
Reblooming Irises
One of the least demanding of all plants, irises are undergoing a radical transformation regarding color, flower form, and reblooming abilities.
How and Why to Prune Clematis
Properly pruning clematises will yield the maximum quantity of flowers by stimulating new growth and pruning keeps the more vigorous vines under control.
The Camellias
Camellia's abundant, showy flowers--ranging in color from the purest white to the deepest reds--add a striking, gracious element to the landscape.
The Good Bugs
Insects are the most successful living organisms on the Earth. That's just one reason it makes good sense to balance one against the other, rather than trying to kill pests with poisons. It is also true that in nature there are no good or bad bugs. All are trying to make a living in the way nature programmed them. But from a gardener's perspective, some insects help and some don't. It's smart to learn about and exploit insect behaviors. In this article you'll learn how to wisely purchase and use beneficial insects.


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