March 23, 2019


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Herbal Teas
Once I began blending and testing herb teas to sell under my Garden Party label, I knew what I didn't want. An herb tea should never be flat and flavorless. Whether it's fruity or spicy, soothing or lively, simple or sophisticated, it needs taste and personality.
Growing Edible Flowers
While gardeners love flowers for their beauty outdoors in the garden and indoors in a vase, few raise them to eat. That's a shame because many flowers are edible and bring lively flavors, colors and textures to salads, soups, casseroles and other dishes. Eating flowers is not as exotic as it sounds. The use of flowers as food dates back to the Stone Age with archeological evidence that early man ate flowers such as roses.
Growing Roses and Clematis Together
Companions in Life - be they spouses, partners, or even pets and their masters - should be compatible to thrive in each other's company. Ideal companion plants are the same way, and two of the best are clematis and roses. Both relish large doses of water, flourish in the same location and soil, and benefit from similar fertilizing schedules. Yet for all their similarities, they complement each other perfectly.
Grow Native
If the natural-looking sweep of prairie grass is something you'd like to incorporate into your landscape, consider planting a section to native meadow grasses and flowers. More like gardens than lawns, these meadows or mini-prairies are usually restorations of the grasses and flowers that grow naturally in the area (or close approximations of that ideal), made for viewing, walking through and enjoying.
How to Control Annual Weeds
To control perennial weeds you need to dig them out — root and all. I won't be tackling that issue here. Annual weeds can be easier to control if you stay on top of the situation. Here are my 10 steps for controlling annual weeds in your vegetable garden.
Spinach Essentials
Tasty, nutritious spinach is one of the first crops planted in spring. It's higher in iron, calcium and vitamins than most cultivated greens, and it's one of the best vegetable sources of vitamins A, B and C.
Tips for Gardening in Clay Soil
If your garden has heavy clay soil, you know what a challenge it can pose to plants, not to mention gardeners. Heavy clay drains slowly, meaning it stays saturated longer after rain or irrigation. Then, when the sun finally comes out and the soil dries, it forms a hard, cracked surface.


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We are delighted that Brushwood Nursery is renewed again as a corporate member of NGA. They have supported our organization for many years.

Brushwood Nursery Clematis Specialists ships big, gallon size plants free throughout the United States directly to your door. Their extensive collection includes hundreds of favorites and rarities as well as some other select vines for your garden.

HELP AMPLEHARVEST.ORG: (yes... that’s it’s real name) is an award winning nationwide nonprofit that enables millions of America’s home and community gardeners to donate their excess harvest to more than 8,400 food pantries in all 50 states (See the TED talk to learn more). They are asking for 5 minutes of your time to take a short survey (before April 15 if possible) learn how much excess food gardeners like you grow, and their desire to donate it to food pantries where possible. Regardless of if you grow 2 tomatoes in the kitchen window or have a small farm outback - you are invited to help. Please invite all of your gardening friends nationwide to also participate. The results will be made public for all to see. Thank you.


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