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October 12, 2019 - Issue #430

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Articles to read
Ripening Vine Crops

Quick tips for finishing up those vine crops you grew this fall, preparing them for winter.

Making Pumpkins Last

Winter squash are designed to last a long time in storage. But some basic principles will get you started with confidence.

Harvesting root crops

After all your hard work, it's time to enjoy your harvest. Here's how to pick your crops.

Plant Care: Roses

Check out our plant care and collection of varities of Roses.

Growing Turnips

Relatively obscure in this country, turnips are a staple in many European kitchens. Check out our plant care guide for turnips and browse our collection of interesting varieties.

Soil Common Sense

The soul of your garden is the soil. A healthy soil translates into a healthy garden. But before you begin adding compost, manure, fertilizer, lime, and other soil amendments, you need to know what type of soil you have and its properties. Clay, silt, and sandy soils all behave differently and have different needs.

Share the Harvest

How Food Banks Help. Food depositories provide produce to millions of Americans every year, and the need is greater than it has been in a long time. Throughout the country, the numbers of visits to food pantries are increasing. Rising costs of food and other expenses, such as fuel, have put a squeeze on many budgets. Surprisingly, in a country with so many farms and gardens, fresh produce continues to be a rare commodity among many sectors of society, including the working poor, the elderly, and impoverished children.

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Lovely new photos from this week
Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Hollywood Star')
by GreenIris:

Plant photo
Tropical Water Lily (Nymphaea 'Foxfire')
by csandt:

Plant photo
Orchid (Dendrobium Thai Siri)
by sugarcane:

Plant photo
by BlueOddish:

Plant photo
Cedros Island Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus chrysacanthus)
by Baja_Costero:

Plant photo
Spider Mum (Chrysanthemum 'Flair')
by csandt:

Plant photo
Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Aggressively Forward')
by Serjio:

Plant photo
Irregular Incurve Mum (Chrysanthemum 'Kokka Hougiku')
by csandt:

Plant photo
Dahlia 'Clearview Debby'
by Melissamaeday:

Plant photo
Mojave Prickly Pear (Opuntia phaeacantha)
by csandt:

Plant photo
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Just Philodendrons. Let's see YOURS!Philodendrons, Elephant Ears, and Other Aroids forum14
The numbers from last week:
1,011 members joined.
4,259 posts written in our forums.
920 photos posted to the plant database.
603 plants added to personal inventory lists.
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