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While I relish our warm months, winter forms our character and brings out our best. Tom Allen
Starting Tomato Seeds

Starting tomato seeds is quite easy. Follow these basic steps for growing healhty transplants.
Soil Preparation for Potatoes

Potatoes will grow in just about any well-drained soil, but they dislike soggy soil. Because they do all their growing underground, they can expand more easily in loose, loamy soil than in heavy, compacted, clay soil that keeps plant roots from getting the air and water they need.
Choosing Tomato Varieties

If you're just starting out in a small backyard or community garden, try growing only a few tomato plants at
Garden Prep for Tomatoes

Where you plant your tomatoes in the garden is important. Tomatoes need at least six to eight hours of sun a day to produce well -- and full sun is best, especially in cooler, more northern climates. Tomato roots won't do well in soggy soil -- a sunny, well-drained part of your garden is best.
Getting Started With Potatoes

Since most home gardeners start potatoes by cutting and planting last season's tubers, common sense says you should use the healthiest tubers possible.
Container Tomatoes

Tomatoes will surprise you! They can withstand mighty close quarters and still deliver. If you don't have space in the ground, but you do have a hanging planter or a bushel basket and a sunny spot somewhere indoors or outside, prepare to grow your own tomatoes!

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Southern Sword Fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia)

Plant Habit: Fern
Life cycle: Perennial
Sun Requirements: Full Shade, Partial Shade to Full Shade, Partial or Dappled Shade, Full Sun to Partial Shade
Plant Height: 24 inches - 36 inches
Plant Spread: 24 inches - 36 inches
Leaves: Evergreen
Underground structures: Rhizome
Suitable Locations: Xeriscapic
Uses: Will Naturalize, Groundcover
Propagation: Other methods: Other, Stolons and runners, Division
Containers: Suitable in 3 gallon or larger, Suitable in 1 gallon
Rose (Rosa 'Red Cascade')

Bloom size: Small: under 2"
Petal count: double: 16-25 petals
Rose bloom color: Dark red
Extra Bloom Info: In clusters
Rebloom: Good
Class: Miniature
Growth Habit: Very short, 1-2 feet, very bushy; true groundcover rose. Can also be grown as climbing miniature, 6-8 feet tall.
Fragrance: Mild
Hybridizer & year: Ralph S. Moore, 1976
Optimal growing zones: USDA zone 5 and warmer
Plant Habit: Shrub
Life cycle: Perennial
Sun Requirements: Full Sun
Plant Height: 1-2 feet
Plant Spread: 6-8 feet
Leaves: Deciduous
Flowers: Showy, Fragrant
Flower Color: Red
Flower Time: Spring, Summer, Fall
Uses: Groundcover, Cut Flower
Wildlife Attractant: Bees
Propagation: Other methods: Cuttings: Stem, Cuttings: Tip
Containers: Suitable in 3 gallon or larger, Needs repotting every 2 to 3 years, Needs excellent drainage in pots
Miscellaneous: With thorns/spines/prickles/teeth
Daylily (Hemerocallis 'Rock Solid')

AHS link:
Hybridizer: Stamile
Year of Registration or Introduction: 2002
Foliage type: Dormant
Scape height: 27 inches
Bloom size: 4.75 inches
Bloom time: Early midseason
Plant Traits: Rebloom, Diurnal, Early Morning Opener (EMO)
Bud Count: 31-35
Branching: 6-way
Bloom Traits: Eye or Band, Edged
Bloom Form: Single
Color description: cream with plum violet eye and edge above green throat
AHS Awards: Award of Merit, Honorable Mention
Plant Habit: Herb/Forb
Life cycle: Perennial
Sun Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Flowers: Showy, Fragrant
Propagation: Seeds: Will not come true from seed
Propagation: Other methods: Division
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Parentage: Inner Destiny x Francois Verhaert
Sea Berry (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Plant Habit: Shrub
Life cycle: Perennial
Sun Requirements: Full Sun, Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences: Wet, Wet Mesic, Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry
Plant Height: 6-20+ feet (2- 6+m)
Plant Spread: Usually wider than tall.. Males tend to be more upright and less spreading in habit than the females.
Leaves: Good fall color, Unusual foliage color, Evergreen
Fruit: Showy, Edible to birds
Flower Time: Late spring or early summer
Suitable Locations: Xeriscapic
Uses: Windbreak or Hedge, Guardian plant, Culinary Herb, Medicinal Herb, Will Naturalize, Erosion control, Provides winter interest
Edible Parts: Fruit
Dynamic Accumulator: Nitrogen fixer
Wildlife Attractant: Birds, Butterflies, Bees
Resistances: Salt tolerant, Drought tolerant
Propagation: Seeds: Stratify seeds, Can handle transplanting, Other info
Propagation: Other methods: Cuttings: Stem, Cuttings: Tip, Cuttings: Root, Layering, Stolons and runners, Offsets
Pollinators: Wind
Miscellaneous: With thorns/spines/prickles/teeth, Dioecious, Tolerates poor soil
Elephant's Ear (Alocasia gageana 'Albo-variegata')

Plant Habit: Herb/Forb
Life cycle: Perennial
Sun Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Water Preferences: Wet Mesic, Mesic
Plant Height: 18 to 36 inches (45-90 cm)
Plant Spread: 18 to 36 inches (45-90 cm)
Flower Time: Other
Underground structures: Rhizome
Resistances: Rabbit Resistant, Deer Resistant
Toxicity: Other
Propagation: Seeds: Other info
Propagation: Other methods: Division, Offsets
Containers: Suitable in 1 gallon, Suitable in 3 gallon or larger, Needs excellent drainage in pots

Dahlia 'Formby Sunrise'

Photo by gwhizz

Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Easy as Pie')

Photo by lauriemorningglory
"Yummy citrus colors. A favorite iris!"


Photo by LoriMT

Dragon Fruit (Selenicereus undatus)

Photo by Hillsepicacti
"Hylocereus undatus. An early morning picture of a nice bloom on one of my dragon fruit plants one of my Dagon fruit"

Devil's Trumpet (Datura metel 'Black Currant Swirl')

Photo by skylark
"blooms 10 months from seed sprouting"

Canary Islands Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco)

Photo by OrchidBob

Dahlia 'Bonaventure'

Photo by arctangent
"Bonaventure dahlia - Compare this yellow bloom of a nominally bronze cultivar with other photos for it in the database, and you'll see a wide range of colors."

Arilbred Iris (Iris 'Desert Spirit')

Photo by dirtdorphins

Monolena (Monolena primuliflora)

Photo by HamiltonSquare
"Within the translucent sepals you can observe the developing buds long before they emerge in bloom."

Episcia 'Kee Wee'

Photo by skylark
"very vigorous with leaves to 4""
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