The September Not-A-Raffle-Raffle!

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It seems like we just finished the August raffle, but here we are again for the September raffle, and this is another big one! Come in, check out the prizes, step up to the window and get your tickets!!

Here we go again with another Not-a-Raffle Raffle. Why is this not a regular raffle? Well, in a regular raffle, you pay for the tickets with money. But in ATP raffles you buy your tickets with acorns. Tickets cost 5 acorns each. Don't know what acorns are? Click here to learn about acorns, and how to get them.

Important note: these prizes are all only available to members in the United States. I'm really sorry for those in other countries, but the complications and expense of shipping things to other countries is just too difficult and costly to arrange with the various companies. For this reason, we have made the decision to limit the contest to United States winners only. If you are outside the US, you can still participate, but if you win you will need to gift the prize to another member of your choice.

Good luck to all participants, and now let's talk about the prizes:

@bxncbx is providing one Garden Peony (Paeonia lactiflora 'Moon River') shipped directly to you from this generous ATP member.

@Horntoad is providing a huge collection of Hibiscus seeds, for 3 different winners. If you choose this prize, you will receive seeds of the following plants:

Comfortroot (Hibiscus aculeatus)
White Texas Star Hibiscus (Hibiscus coccineus 'Alba')
Neches River Rosemallow (Hibiscus dasycalyx)
Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos subsp. moscheutos)
Wooly Rose-Mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos subsp. lasiocarpos)
Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos Luna™ Pink Swirl)
Rose Mallow (Hibiscus laevis)
Striped rosemallow (Hibiscus striatus)

Additionally, these next four have set pods or are blooming now will most likely also be sent, barring a disaster that destroys the plants or bud:
Hibiscus syriacus (Open pollinated, white with red eye)
Hibiscus syriacus (Open pollinated, pink with red eye)
Hibiscus martianus (OP but nothing blooming that it could have crossed with.)
Hibiscus trionum (OP but nothing blooming that it could have crossed with.)

Finally, these short day bloomers are not blooming yet, but will be included if they bloom and can be harvested before killing frost:
Hibiscus sabdariffa
Hibiscus radiatus

Note that for H. moscheutos ssp. moscheutos and for both H. syriacus, the database shows a variety of colors. Anyone viewing should look for the photos Horntoad submitted to see what they actually be getting. Or they can just look at his plant list which shows his photos. Important: in order to allow as many varieties to bloom and mature, and give the winners a larger collection, this prize will not ship until early November.

Brushwood Nursery is providing 3 Climbing Roses: Eden, Zephirine Drouhin, and Joseph's Coat. Brushwood Nursery ships beautiful vines and climbers throughout the United States directly to your door. We have hundreds of different climbers available like Clematis, Climbing Roses, Passion Flowers, Honeysuckles and much more.

Santa Rosa Gardens is providing a $50 gift certificate to their store. Santa Rosa Gardens is a family operated mail-order business, and we grow every plant we sell. We grow and ship over 750 varieties of perennial plants, but we are also specialists in ornamental grasses, producing over 175 different varieties. Our love for plants is evident in our customer service. Bottom line...we want you to succeed in creating your style, your passion, your garden!

Victory Seed Company is providing another $25 gift certificate for this month's raffle. It may be too late this year to sow a garden in your neck of the woods, but the certificate won't expire until you are ready to use it. You can hold onto it and use it later this year when you are planning your 2016 garden, or even use it to shop for those gardeners on your holiday shopping list! The Victory Seed Company is a family owned and operated, small farm-based organization working to keep rare and threatened plant varieties available to home gardeners. All of their seeds are open-pollinated, open source, non-hybrid, and not chemically treated. As an early signer of the "Safe Seed Pledge" they will never knowingly sell GMO seeds. Many of the varieties are family heirlooms, most are old standard varieties that are now hard to find elsewhere.

SRQHoyas is providing three hoya plants: Hoya rotundiflora, Hoya pubicalyx 'Black Dragon' and Hoya 'Shepherdii'. SRQHoyas offers many species of hoya plants collected from around the world. Hoya plants are succulent tropical house or garden plants that bloom throughout the year and many times over. They are very easy to grow and require little care except warmth, humidity and a good drink of water once a week. There are so many different hoyas that it is impossible to explain what they look like. I ship small plants as well as cuttings to the United States and cuttings are available for International shipping.

Plant Me Green is providing five prizes to five different winners. Winners will choose from:

#1 Russian #26 Pomegranate, USDA Zones 7-10

Celestial Fig in a 4x4x10" pot, USDA Zones 7-9

Gala Apple in a 4x4x10" pot, USDA Zones 4-8

Nikita's Gift persimmon 4x4x10" pot, USDA Zones 6-9

Desirable pecan 4x4x10" pot, USDA Zones 6-9 Plant Me Green is the largest grower of pecans, crape myrtle, and trees in the eastern United States. Plant Me Green offers a one year guarantee on container plants.

Lastly, courtesy of @robertduval14, 150 acorns each will be given to the 3 remaining winners.

The ticket buying window is open now and will close on Friday, September 11th at 7:00pm Central time. The first place winner gets first pick of all the prizes, and then the second winner picks, and so forth until all prizes are claimed. Important note for winners: If you are contacted as a winner and asked to choose a prize you have 48 hours to respond with your choice. If you do not respond within that time, the next placed winner will be contacted and allowed to pick.

This raffle is now closed!

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