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[ Ditch Lily (Hemerocallis fulva) | Posted on May 17, 2016 ]

Blooms May - July. Blooms mid morning, but withers by the end of the day. Introduced from China in 1576. The plant is sterile and almost never sets seed pods. Good groundcover for difficult areas.

[ Bromeliad (Billbergia 'Moulin Rouge') | Posted on May 17, 2016 ]

'Moulin Rouge' is a cross between Billbergia 'Domingos Martins' and Billbergia 'Afterglow.' The leaves/stalk are a grayish-green color with white mottling. When it's older, it will turn a reddish color.

I bought these the first week of April 2016. My husband had never noticed them before I guess & told me I might have to destroy some of my plants. He said there were a couple that looked like they had mold or were diseased or some bleach was splashed on them. I went to see what he was talking about and had to laugh. Getting splashed with bleach is exactly what they look like. I told him thats how they're supposed to look.

[ American Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) | Posted on December 20, 2015 ]

Great fall color when the leaves change color. Nice shade tree. Gum balls are a pain (literally) for walking on or when you're mowing. However, they make an excellent filler for potpourri. You can also put them around plants to keep cats out.

[ Mimosa Tree (Albizia julibrissin) | Posted on December 20, 2015 ]

Mimosa trees are common in the South, especially around old home sites. In fact, many Southerners consider these to be weed-type trees because they tend to reseed easily. A lot of them will have trunks that branch close to the ground, making them good climbing trees for kids. It can be a bit messy when the flowers fall to the ground.

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