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[ Evening Primrose (Oenothera macrocarpa) | Posted on November 9, 2017 ]

The evening primrose is invasive. You might want to plant into a container in the ground to contain its spread. The root system is relatively shallow. I live in UpState NY northern Catskill Region, zone 5a, for those of you who live in climates like this. My neighbors use creative containers like large tractor tires or farm equipment parts. Although these are above ground, the plant does fine.

[ Barberries (Berberis) | Posted on June 18, 2017 ]

Barberry has been banned for sale in New York State. It is considered invasive. In my opinion, since I am writing among friends, that is bulldinky! Yes, when the plant is stressed it will send out seeds by the multitudes. What plant wouldn't? But under healthy conditions, it doesn't, as has been my experience. I think someone didn't like this plant.

Honestly, when I moved into my home and inherited a hedge of them, I wasn't sure what to think. I don't like the thorns, but I do love that they provide food for wildlife when none is to be had because the berries hang on. They give protection to animals. I respect the barberry bushes. I love the color variations.

Mine get abused because they are so close to the road. I do trim them back and clear underneath occasionally, getting the dead wood out. They tolerate a lot.

They surely do give the message KEEP OUT!

[ Black Raspberry (Rubus occidentalis) | Posted on June 17, 2017 ]

The thimbleberry and the black raspberry are 2 different plants, although the berries both "cap". Thimbleberries are ‘Purple Flowering Raspberry’ Rubus Parviflorus. They are edible but aren't that great. Black raspberries are Rubus occidentalis. These 2 should be separated as well as their photos.

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