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[ Spear Head (Senecio 'Kleiniiformis') | Posted on May 20, 2019 ]

Although this plant is listed as a species (either Senecio kleiniiformis or Senecio kleiniaeformis) on many websites and nursery plant lists, these names are not listed as botanical names or synonyms by taxonomic sources. According to the Encyclopedia of Succulents, "This plant is of controversial origin, possibly a cultigen (i.e. a plant of commerce that has been selected by humans and used in horticulture), and does not have any naturally occurring populations though closely related Senecio occur in South Africa."

[ Petunia Fuseables® Strawberry Wine | Posted on July 13, 2018 ]

This is a widely available mixture of Easy Wave® Shell Pink, Dreams™ Red, and Daddy® Red petunia seeds.

[ Begonia 'Harmony's Red Robin II' | Posted on February 4, 2017 ]

This plant lacks the black edging on the leaves of the original 'Harmony's Red Robin.'

[ Rose (Rosa 'Hannah Gordon') | Posted on January 26, 2016 ]

Although Hannah Gordon is often listed as another name for Tabris or Nicole, all three of these sister seedlings actually are different roses. Confusion in the rose trade has led to many cases of mislabeling. Hannah Gordon is the "middle sister," taller than Nicole and shorter than Tabris. In contrast to the other two, Hannah Gordon has white blooms with narrow coral-pink edges. The other two have white blooms with wider edges of pink or cherry-red.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Anna's Promise') | Posted on April 10, 2015 ]

This is the first rose in a projected series to be named after characters in the "Downton Abbey" TV series.

I tried to grow an own-root specimen of this rose and failed miserably. It may need to be grafted to grow well.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Pretty Lady Rose') | Posted on April 10, 2015 ]

This recent introduction (2014) is the latest in the Weeks Roses series of roses named for characters in the "Downton Abbey" TV series -- in this case, Lady Rose. The first rose of this series is Rose (Rosa 'Anna's Promise').

[ Rose (Rosa 'Melody Parfumee') | Posted on January 3, 2015 ]

This large and intriguing grandiflora is classified as a mauve rose, but the blooms only look mauve on overcast days or after the sun goes down. In sunlight, it looks like a pink rose.

It's vigorous and has a nice shape, somewhat wider and shorter than most grandifloras, and it has a very strong scent, reminiscent of the fragrance of old roses.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Iluse') | Posted on November 24, 2014 ]

Unfortunately, this is one of the roses that doesn't grow well on its own roots. I bought it three times. I blamed myself for the failure of the first to thrive, became suspicious when the second succumbed within weeks, and gave up all hope when the nursery took more than two years to provide me with a third successfully rooted plant. That third plant was tiny when it arrived and is still tiny today, more than 6 years later, but it has graced me with a few blooms -- only one or two each year, but they are lovely.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Lady Mavis Pilkington') | Posted on November 24, 2014 ]

One of the tallest hybrid teas in my garden, Lady Mavis Pilkington produces blooms that can best be described as delicious-looking. The blooms exhibit the colors of a tropical fruit medley -- a blend of mango, papaya, melon, and an occasional touch of pineapple. The fragrance is slight and quite refreshing.

The rose bush usually is advertised as a small hybrid tea, 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Mine, from Palatine, is grafted onto Multiflora rootstock and is at least 7 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Macho Man') | Posted on November 24, 2014 ]

This majestic hybrid tea is one of Astor Perry's phototropic roses, changing color in response to the amount and quality of sunlight it receives. The blooms usually are lavender with a bluish cast, but sometimes these lavender blooms turn pink as the sunlight grows more intense or silver as the intensity lessens.

My Macho Man rose bush is grafted onto Dr. Huey rootstock and is quite tall (5-6 feet), with many thick and sturdy canes. The buds are lovely, and the petals of the open rose bloom are lightly scalloped and ruffled.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Taischa') | Posted on November 23, 2014 ]

Bred by Phillip Robinson when he was one of the owners of Vintage Gardens, a nursery specializing in heritage roses, this hybrid tea resembles one of those heritage roses. Instead of displaying the high-centered blooms typical of so many modern hybrid teas, Taischa produces blooms with many, many scalloped petals, arranged in a precise design. The blooms start out in a cupped form and then spread out flat as they open. Although the registered color is mauve or lavender, the blooms on my two Taischa bushes are more often silver, with just a touch of mauve in the center.

The rose bush also bears little resemblance to most hybrid teas. Instead of growing in an upright shape, it stays quite short and spreads out its branches, behaving more like a ground cover rose.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Pompon Flower Circus') | Posted on November 23, 2014 ]

Easily the most photogenic rose in my garden. It's impossible to take a bad photo of it. The beautiful clusters of cupped blooms are reminiscent of bridal bouquets, elegant luncheon centerpieces, and the bouquets in romantic greeting cards and old paintings. It's a 21st-century rose with an 18th-century look.

The rose bush itself is also attractive. It's compact and symmetrically branched. It grows well on its own roots and will live happily in a large container if garden space is limited.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue') | Posted on November 22, 2014 ]

This rose was extremely popular in Europe for almost 10 years before it arrived in the United States, by which time all of us rose fans had seen photos of it and were quite eager to buy it. Roses lack a blue gene, so the blooms are usually a smoky purple, but they occasionally display the "bluest" hue I've ever seen in a rose. The sweetly scented blooms form large clusters on a fairly tall rose bush, which can be grown as a short climber.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Nimbus') | Posted on November 22, 2014 ]

This is one of the most entertaining roses in my garden because it produces blooms of so many different colors: lavender blue, silver, beige, and pinkish-mauve, often all blooming at the same time. In contrast to many other floribundas, it grows well on its own roots and is quite vigorous.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Perfect Moment') | Posted on November 22, 2014 ]

This rose responds well to severe pruning (down to about 18 inches) by producing blooms with extra-long stems -- perfect for cutting. The vivid blooms have a long vase life and also stay "perfect" on the bush for a long time if they aren't cut. The rose has superior rain resistance. Buds that form during the rainy season never fail to open into perfect blooms, and the blooms themselves retain their shape even under strong rain showers. The rose is said to be highly susceptible to mildew, but it has never exhibited this tendency in my garden.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Tahitian Sunset') | Posted on November 22, 2014 ]

This rose has beautiful high-centered blooms with a strong anise fragrance. The color can vary with changes in temperature. For most of the year, the rose is a perfect apricot blend, but the blooms in winter and early spring are often golden-yellow. It is an extraordinarily vigorous rose. Mine is grafted onto Fortuniana rootstock and shoots up to 6-7 feet every year even though I prune the massive canes down to about 3 feet in December.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Bouquet Parfait') | Posted on November 22, 2014 ]

Bouquet Parfait is well named because the flower clusters form perfect bouquets. The blooms start out white with pale pink edges and gradually turn pinker as the clusters age. The blooms have a pleasant mild scent. The rose is a hybrid musk and therefore can tolerate a bit more shade than most roses.

[ Rose (Rosa 'Suntan Beauty') | Posted on July 6, 2014 ]

This rose undergoes an amazing metamorphosis. A cocoa-brown bud opens into a russet-tan bloom with strong mauve overtones. The bloom later fades to gold with russet edges, displaying a wealth of stamens. The petals are crinkled, like silk crepe, in all stages of bloom. The rose is exceptionally difficult to find and even more difficult to grow. It needs perfect soil in the perfect location to thrive. I moved it three times before it stopped looking droopy and started producing blooms.

[ Garden Peony (Paeonia lactiflora 'Alice Harding') | Posted on June 21, 2014 ]

This pink and white herbaceous peony (Lemoine, 1922) should not be confused with the yellow tree peony 'Alice Harding' (Lemoine, 1935).

[ Rose (Rosa 'Christopher Marlowe') | Posted on May 30, 2014 ]

Christopher Marlowe is one of the shortest Austin shrubs in my garden, but it nevertheless stands out in the landscape because the blend of colors in the blooms is sublime. The blooms start out in a vibrant shade of coral-orange with a yellow reverse and then fade to a variety of pink shades. The fragrance is pleasant and not too strong.

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