African Violets: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties

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Propagation Methods
The easiest way to propagate African Violets is with a leaf. You should choose a leaf from the middle of the plant, not an old leaf or a young leaf, a middle aged leaf is best.
Cut the leaf with a sharp knife on an angle so you have roughly 1.5 inches of leaf stem to work with.
A mix that is heavy in vermiculite and perlite works best. Stick your stem into the mix and water. Do not let the mix dry out.
You will soon see a clump of tiny plantlets form at the base of the leaf. When the baby plants have a minimum of 4 leaves you can separate them and pot up. Tweezers come in handy for this operation.

The seeds from the hybrid African Violets do not come true to the parent plant.

Chimera flowered (the pin-wheel striped blossomed ones) do not come true from seed or leaf.

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