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Talking about Informal Decorative Dahlia (Dahlia 'Who Dun It') on April 18, mantisOH wrote:

Coloration can vary with weather, but I've never had as much white as in some pics.
Talking about Dahlia 'AC Ben' on April 18, mantisOH wrote:

Vigorous grower. Holds well in adverse weather.
Talking about Dahlia 'Penhill Watermelon' on February 17, KatEnns wrote:

This Dahlia is amazing! It starts out kind of brick red, fades to a multiple of pink yellow and red, and is enormous. I purchased this last year from Fernhill in British Columbia, and it seems to have overwintered in my cold storage ok so far.
Talking about Dahlia 'Sunshine' on September 25, lauribob wrote:

This is one of my favorite dahlias. It's not one of the giant types, so it doesn't need staking and does fine in a moderately windy location. It blooms prolifically if deadheaded regularly. The dark foliage is really striking against the yellow flowers and does well both in containers, and as a bedding plant. I feed these with diluted liquid fertilizer in containers. They just get what everyone else gets out in the flower beds - a spring topdressing of manure or compost. I rarely remember to lift them in the fall so I pretty much think of them as annuals in my zone 5 garden.
Talking about Dahlia 'Mingus Loren P' on February 18, LorettaNJ wrote:

The first bloom was a disappointment and I regretted getting this plant. But then every bloom after that was just perfect and it became one of my favorites. Lots of blooms.
Talking about Dahlia 'White Rabbit' on December 5, pirl wrote:

Very few blooms on this dahlia. From the site where I purchased it, and after seeing the photo of a big plant with many, many blooms, I thought it would be spectacular. Disappointing, but I'll still give it another try in 2016.
Talking about Dinner Plate Dahlia (Dahlia 'Otto's Thrill') on October 8, BillAlleysDLs wrote:

Prolific blooms, big and beautiful!
Talking about Dahlia 'Rip City' on September 28, jmorth wrote:

Rip City is an Informal Decorative Dahlia, size classified in the 4 to 6 inch range (BB). The color presentation can be deceptive, sometimes it appeared near-black, other times a reddish-black. Plant grew to about four and a half or five feet tall. My plant wasn't overzealous in bloom production. Overwinter storage required digging the tuber up, drying it out up side down, and then putting it into a neutral medium in the basement till the following spring.
Talking about Dahlia 'Pari Taha' on September 28, jmorth wrote:

Pari Taha blooms are a bright yellow with red tips, and it's a semi-cactus dahlia. The 5-inch blooms are classified as BB (4 to 6"). The plant grows to about 4 feet tall. The flowers' singular color combination is like a bursting sun. My tubers were overwintered dry and stored in vermiculite or perlite sacks in the basement. They survived a couple of seasons, but they gave up the ghost one year when I left them in the ground.
Talking about Cactus Dahlia (Dahlia 'Park Princess') on September 28, jmorth wrote:

This is a low growing variety, topping out at 2 feet with 4-inch (BB bloom size classification) blooms of pink, white centered, cactus-type flowers. Its small stature would be a positive if grown in a pot. Mine was on a border's edge. It survived several years. Tubers were dug up in the fall, dried upside down in the garage, then placed dry in perlite and/or vermiculite filled sacks, and stored in the basement over winter. This cultivar was introduced in 1959.
Talking about Dahlia 'Lover Boy' on September 27, jmorth wrote:

Luminous 6" blooms on a plant that stands four and a half feet tall make this variety garden worthy. The semi-cactus flowers are described as red with a blue undertone, though my experience puts it into the kind of black with red undertone group. Mine bloomed in August. This dahlia was bred by Swan Island a decade ago. With 6" blooms, it's in the BB (4 to 6") size range.
Talking about Dahlia 'October Sky' on September 26, jmorth wrote:

October Sky is an Informal Decorative dahlia bred by Swan Island Dahlias. With a 5 inch bloom, it's considered to be BB size (4 to 6"). The plant has an upright growing habit, topping out at 5 feet. Its soft orange color blends into the center, where it's golden yellow. It's a beautiful plant with a lot of appeal that makes a commanding statement in the garden. I was able to overwinter the tuber by putting it into perlite, after allowing it to thoroughly dry out upside down, and then storing it in the basement.
Talking about Formal Decorative (Dahlia 'September Morn') on September 26, jmorth wrote:

This is one of my favorite dahlias, bred by Swan Island in 1987. It is classified as a Formal Decorative dahlia with 5-inch blooms (BB size) on a 5-foot plant that blooms, you guessed it, in September. It produced a multitude of blooms. The tuber was overwintered in perlite in my basement for 2 or 3 years before remaining in the ground one year, which, of course, caused its demise. It's described as yellow with rose-orange shading by the breeder. Surprising numbers of garden aviators were attracted to it.
Talking about Dahlia 'Punkin Spice' on September 26, jmorth wrote:

Punkin Spice is appropriately named as it was still in bloom when pumpkins were about to mature.This cultivar was introduced and bred by Swan Island in 2007. Seven-inch blooms graced a four and a half foot plant in my garden. A darker-hued orange formed the center, grading out to s softer orange. The petal ends show some degree of lacination. Though I didn't cut the blooms, this reputedly is a good variety for cut and display.
Talking about Waterlily Dahlia (Dahlia 'Summer's End') on September 26, jmorth wrote:

This waterlily-class dahlia was a spectacular specimen, growing over 4' tall with the blooms at 5" (BB size, ie - 4 to 6") of a peachy hue that grades inward to yellow. As the name applies, it came into bloom during the fall and was a welcome garden addition at the end of summer.when other parts of the garden were beginning to decline. With long bloom stems, it is good for cutting and indoor display. This dahlia was introduced in 1994 The grower (Swan Island) recommends it as a "show" quality variety..
Talking about Dahlia 'Ketchup & Mustard' on September 26, Paul2032 wrote:

Dahlia Ketchup & Mustard is a Dahlia regularly found on the winners table at shows here in Utah. Color is bright red with yellow border and tips. Form is Formal Decorative, 8 to 10 inches, and on nice stems for show and cutting. Plants grow 5 feet tall and hold flowers up. Nice in the garden or as a cut flower.
Talking about Dahlia Happy SingleĀ® Party on September 26, jmorth wrote:

This robust cultivar is worthy of garden placement where it makes a commanding performance late in the season. It possesses dark foliage that contrasts vividly with the yellow-hued single flowers on near waist-high plants. It performed admirably as a focal interest point and as a garden homing beacon to butterflies and other garden aviators from August through September and a bit beyond.
Talking about Dahlia 'Unwins Mix' on September 5, Hemophobic wrote:

Frankly, I love these smaller dahlias. I planted some several years ago from seeds labeled as Unwin's Dwarf
and they bloomed beautifully and returned, so I'm planting more.
Talking about Dahlia 'Fire and Ice' on April 17, BrendaVR wrote:

Often marketed under wrong names due to multiple Dahlias having very similar names. "Fire and Ice" (sometimes sold as "Fire & Ice") should be the single-bloom mignon Dahlia.
Sometimes incorrectly sold as "Fire N Ice," but that one should be a ball-type Dahlia.
Talking about Dahlia 'Clearview Orca' on April 2, Oberon46 wrote:

The plant was 51" tall and the bloom was 7"; When fully open it forms a ball of petals clear around the bottom.

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