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Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Revision') on November 13, Winklemanmr wrote:

11/10/17 - Found with rot. Severe damage. Cut damage off. Dipped in bleach solution. drying and will try to replant in pots and place pots on heated patio to attempt to recover.
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Hey Yo Silver Edge') on November 8, TsFlowers wrote:

I was being goofy when I named this Iris. Both this Iris and 'Billowy Violet,' which are sibs, clump up fast. Now that can be a good thing, or perhaps not. When an Iris increases *very* quickly, it can also cause small rhizomes with rhizomes upon rhizome and this can decrease flower production in certain Iris varieties; causing one to have to thin the clump for better bloom.

Because this Iris began its life like its sib (sib = Sibling), there is a possibility that it will perform well in poor dry conditions close to a tree line with only afternoon sun.
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Billowy Violet') on November 8, TsFlowers wrote:

After seeing another posted photo of this Iris, I'm disappointed. I probably wouldn't purchase the Iris myself.
However, my recommendation is to grow this particular Iris in **low fertility dry soil** (like close to a tree line). That's where the seedling started, and that's where I think it will perform the best. Its maiden blooms look much better than later blooms after being moved. But it suffered in its first location for several years before I finally got it moved. It looks okay at the new lot, where soil is/was fresh and more fertile, but not as good as maiden blooms.
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Drinks at Sunset') on October 3, AndreaD wrote:

Very vigorous grower and reliable bloomer. Gorgeous color.
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Geo. J. Tribolet') on August 11, DaveinPA wrote:

Three suppliers all gave Mme. Henri Cayeux instead of the correct one. Seems to be among the lost varieties.
Talking about Miniature Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Honorabile') on June 9, SunnyBorders wrote:

Or are all 'Sans Souci' ?
Talking about Intermediate Bearded Iris (Iris 'Bless You') on June 8, grannysgarden wrote:

The information about this iris shows an introduction date of 2014, before a registration date of 2016. Is that correct? Can an iris be introduced to the public before it is registered?
Talking about Siberian Iris (Iris 'Sparkling Rose') on June 3, Paintedtrillium wrote:

I exhibited Sparkling Rose at our state Iris society a few years ago and won a first place blue ribbon over many modern hybrids. This is high praise for an iris registered nearly many decades ago. It is lovely.
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Pinkity') on May 13, Polymerous wrote:

See this thread: The thread "For those of you who have 'Pinkity'" in Irises forum

The bottom line is that even though the AIS description and the hybridizer description do not mention PBF, per the hybridizer's daughter (Sheri Arevalo), 'Pinkity' "sure does have PBF". Per her father, the hybridizer, 'Pinkity' has a 1-1 1/4" "lavender" base (which he did not consider dark enough to be "purple").

I have submitted a plant detail edit to indicate that the plant has PBF, because it looks purple enough to me. (I have it planted next to 'Bloodline', which does not have PBF. 'Pinkity' clearly looks to have a purple base, in comparison.)

I have re-ordered 'Pinkity' (I originally bought it from the hybridizer's nursery, Blue J Iris) and will compare the basal foliage on the new rhizomes to those that I already have.
Talking about Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (Iris 'Flaming Lips') on May 13, caitlinsgarden wrote:

This surprised me this year with it's strong chocolate color and very definite chocolate fragrance! I thought it was one of the "chocolate" varieties I planted in the recent past, but I found the tag and confirmed the name here.
Talking about Intermediate Bearded Iris (Iris 'Spiced Peaches') on May 13, Paul2032 wrote:

Spiced Peaches remains one of my favorite Iris IB's. Each year when it blooms I appreciate it more. Nice straight stems, good bud count. nice ruffled form and substance, and the blooms last. Best of all is the rich peach color, which carries across the garden. I'll be moving some starts to another location this year. Great for the show bench if you catch it on the right day.....
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Tijuana Toaster') on May 11, admin wrote:

Parentage: Hico Huggins x 011-342: (09-219: (Notta Lemon x 07-259: (04-14: (01-101, see Feast Your Eyes pod parent, x 02-78, see Thunder Down Under pollen parent) x 04-200: (02-423: (A-529: (97-390, see Talk Show Mania pod parent, x 97-544, see Texas Tradition pod parent) x A-378: (97-168: (Autumn Years x 94-282: (Letmentertainu x Scorch)) x 98-632: (Out of Control x Gnus Flash))) x 02-366: (Bold Vision x 99-472: (Fred's Gal x Poppa John))))) x 090-435: (07-38, Ferget Dah Mustard pod parent, x 07-62: (Kathy Chilton x Black Phantom)))
Talking about Siberian Iris (Iris 'Too Cute') on May 11, admin wrote:

Parentage: S04-18C-10: (Minstrel's Whim x S94-11-34: (S89-5-10: (Forrest McCord x Isabelle) x Dawn Waltz)) x S04-27B-10: (S00-35-3: (S96-66-1: (S93-17-3, Over the River sib, x S92-13-12: (S85-18: (Young Lady x Harbor Mist) x S87-6-2: (Kenabee x Alter Ego))) x S96-2-1A: (Riverdance x S92-13-12)) x S94-11-34)
Talking about Siberian Iris (Iris 'Wish Me Luck') on May 11, admin wrote:

Parentage: S05-43A-1: (S01-89B-11: (S97-89C-3: (S94-42-1: (S90-58-3: (S87-9-4, Pleasures of May sib, x Pleasures of May) x S92-65-1, Salamander Crossing sib) x Jack's Health) x S97-62C-1: (Strawberry Social x S94-42-2)) x S03-18-1: (S99-8B-2: (S95-27-1: (S92-46-11: (S87-10-1: (Mad Magenta x Percheron) x S90-48-3: (S86-18-1: (Percheron x Butter and Sugar) x S86-18-2)) x S92-41-1: (S87-10-1 x S87-14-4: (Purple Prose x Mad Magenta))) x S97-62B-9, On Her Toes sib) x S99-13-10: (S95-69-1: (S92-107-10: (S90-48-5 x Careless Sally) x S92-46-10) x S95-27-1))) x S04-3B-11, On Mulberry Street sib
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Angry Moon') on May 10, admin wrote:

Parentage: Power Down x 11-95: (09-514: (Puff the Magic x 07-56: (04-82: (02-263: (99-57: (97-699: (Affaire x 95-78: (Thornbird x Triple Whammy)) x Romantic Evening) x A-166, Worship Me pollen parent) x 02-163, see Ferget Dah Mustard) x And Kyler Too)) x Steer Clear)
Talking about Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris (Iris 'Breathtaking') on May 10, admin wrote:

Parentage: S285B: (O349A: (L352A: (I3C: (F242, Pink Frosting pollen parent sib, x Blazing Sunrise) x I303C: (F233A, Gentle sib, x D172 AA: (A133B, Cache pod parent, x B241, Bright Note pollen parent sib))) x M215D, Amorous Duet pollen parent sib) x Tickety Boo) x Oh So Sweet
Talking about Pacific Coast Iris (Iris 'Columbia Street') on May 10, admin wrote:

Parentage: MP-164E3: (KP-157A4, Chualar sib, x KP-138Y3: (IP-127F3: (GP-382B2: (EP-261V2: (Laureles x unknown) x EP-230H3: (CP-131Q: (AP-292N2, Oxymoron sib, x Laureles sib) x CP-104D2: (PB-349I2: (PD-250M4: (PF-173T, Wild Eyed sib, x PF-159S: (PI-MIX-B2, unknown, x PH-231bo: (PJ-165: (Bubbly x PL-282P2: (Solid Citizen x PN-269JJ: (Lighthouse Point x Mission Santa Cruz))) x National Anthem))) x PE-189M: (PG-177G: (PI-MIX-A, unknown, x Valet sib) x PG-154, Spanish Don sib)) x AP-293X, Eyes of Blue sib))) x GP-384C2: (EP-261W2 x EP-230H3)) x IP-140C3: (GP-394S3: (DP-216T3, Sunol Grade sib, x Bubble Wrap) x Bowl of Fluff))) x MP 168Q3, Follow the Money sib
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Cryursocksoff') on May 10, admin wrote:

Parentage: Smucker Pruned x 11-178: (09-389: (Courtin' Daisy Mae x 07-207: (05-69: (03-88: (01-254: (Abdul Unknown x 99-469: (Moonraker x Armadillo Run)) x 01-88: (98-217: (95-63: (All Aflutter x Gnu) x 96-177: (Lover's Lane x 93-367: (Splish Splash x Mesmerizer))) x 97-1128, Stand in Awe pollen parent)) x 03-181: (01-15: (98-130: (Black Falls x It Ain't So) x 99-403: (96-189: (Experiencit x Gnu Again) x Romantic Evening)) x 01-92: (Comet Connie x Rocket Randy))) x 05-203, Mono Mania pollen parent)) x 09-309, Fear Dem Beards pollen parent)
Talking about Siberian Iris (Iris 'Fashion-Forward') on May 10, admin wrote:

Parentage: Honey Chic x S06-76-10: (S03-39-12: (S99-88-1: (S97-77-4, Kiss the Girl sib, x S96-67-11, Lady's Chain sib) x At the Crossroads) x S03-56A-10: (Humors of Whiskey x S99-96-10: (S97-89C-3: (S94-42-1: (S90-58-3: (S87-9-4, Pleasures of May sib, x Pleasures of May) x S92-65-1, Salamander Crossing sib) x Jack's Health) x S96-24-1: (Sarah Tiffney x S92-75-20, Dawn Waltz sib))))
Talking about Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Fried') on May 10, admin wrote:

Parentage: Half Gap x 011-760: (09-574: (07-228: (05-86: (Reckon I'm Ready pod parent x Cause for Pause) x Global Warmer) x 07-282: (05-84: (03-361, see Bossman Bill pod parent, x 03-554: (01-163: (97-480A, Gawkin Mateereul pod parent, x Queen's Circle) x 01-284: (Millennium Falcon x 98-36: (Lackawanna x 95-214: (Pat Loughran x 93-299, Alaskan Moon pod parent))))) x 05-30: (02-110: (98-41, Trinotostare pod parent, x Jean Queen) x Lost and Found))) x Hollywood Lights)

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