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Talking about Rose (Rosa 'L. D. Braithwaite') on January 16, KenNEGA wrote:

This ever blooming huge bush was a pleasant surprise for me. I bought it not knowing anything about it. Planted on the end of a bed so I could get rid of it if I didn't like it. It's not going anywhere. I can count on this beauty for roses in a vase all season and still have enough blooms on the bush to look great in the garden.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Molineux') on January 16, KenNEGA wrote:

One of David Austin's finest. Grafted or own root. Nice full bush that stays in bloom all season.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Charles Darwin') on December 19, OrganicJen wrote:

Wonderful sweet, lemony fragrance.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Garden Director Bartje Miller') on December 1, Gesalali wrote:

I have been in search of a "true" purple rose! What is the name of this rose and is it fragrant? I have a light lavender and light magenta ( starts out as a red bud then opens as slightly purplish) both very fragrant -in my garden. Would love to have this rose to add if fragrant.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Nancy Jean') on December 1, KenNEGA wrote:

This rose has been reclassified as a "Miniflora".
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Dick Clark') on November 26, _Bleu_ wrote:

I found a Dick Clark rose bush at Lowe's. It looked rather nice and healthy. Brought it home and repotted it. This summer was unusually hot and the bush showed some heat stress but it recuperated after I planted it in the ground where it'd get 4-5 hours of direct sun.

No diseases so far and no bug damage. It seems to be a very sturdy plant.

This is a wonderful cultivar, its scent is divine and each bloom is truly unique. Lots and lots of blooms!
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'America') on October 27, tabbycat wrote:

I have the climbing variety I started from a cutting from a friend about 8 years ago. It gets 8ft. long and is sprawling on my wood fence. The salmon-colored flowers are a pleasant addition that brightens the aged fence. I trim my climbers in Oct. most years and it encourages them to send out a last flush of buds here in zone 9 before our 1st frost or freeze in about December. 'America' is doing so now. How lovely!
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Peace, Cl.') on October 27, tabbycat wrote:

I just trimmed back my climbers, including 'Peace,' as it gets quite sprawly by late October each year. Here in zone 9 this encourages some of my climbers to send out buds before we get a 1st frost or freeze in December. 'Peace' is known to do that, so it makes trimming easier, knowing it will produce another flush of its beautiful flowers.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Mary Rose') on September 21, carlysuko wrote:

This is a DA rose that seems to do very well here in my zone 10a climate. Very floriferous with huge petal packed blooms. A great re-bloomer as well. I don't grow it yet but I see it often at the Inez Grant Rose Gardens and it always looks outstanding!
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Angel Face') on August 15, carlysuko wrote:

This rose has the most beautiful blooms. They start out in the high centered classic hybrid tea shape. The colors range from mauve to lavender. When the blooms unfurl the petals take on a lovely frilly edging to them. The blooms also take on a wonderful scent. These are the reasons I keep this rose in my garden. I have to say that the vigor of this rose is terrible, at least in my garden. It literally doesn't grow! I don't think it's even two feet.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Just Joey') on August 14, oakslesly wrote:

One of my favorite roses, and I nearly lost it due to extreme summer heat. I deep watered it several times and put up an umbrella to provide some mid-afternoon shade. It is slowly coming back, but certainly dislikes full, hot sun.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Scentimental') on August 14, oakslesly wrote:

This rose became a giant the second year after planting. It was five feet tall and four to five feet wide.
It was pruned back to a more manageable size, and it never really recovered. The extensive heat of summer didn't help either.
Hopefully it will thrive once (if) cooler weather ever arrives in Southern California.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'The Ancient Mariner') on August 14, oakslesly wrote:

I purchased two of The Ancient Mariner roses this year. The smaller one, grown on its own roots, is holding its own in spite of a very hot Southern California summer. It is happier now that an umbrella provides some shade during mid-day.

The two-gallon-sized The Ancient Mariner died. It was planted next to several other David Austin roses that are doing well. It was planted in organic potting mix (as are all my roses) due to our clay soil. It received water in the early morning, but no shade was available, so hot sun baked it daily. Very sad to say it just couldn't take the heat of our summers. Just an FYI.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Munstead Wood') on August 14, oakslesly wrote:

This rose has grown in mostly shade for several years in Ventura County, Southern California. The color has been a deep purple-red, with good fragrance. Our summers continue to be blisteringly hot, and Munstead Wood appears to appreciate the mostly shade location.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild') on August 14, oakslesly wrote:

This rose spreads out like an octopus. I had to corral it in a circular cage to keep it upright. The spread of it is over four feet unless it is restricted. It's very vigorous, and very prickly.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Baby Darling') on August 8, carlysuko wrote:

This miniature climber is very vigorous in my garden. Has pretty good disease resistance. Also it says fragrance mild, but I find it to be strong, at least in my garden.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Disneyland Rose') on August 4, carlysuko wrote:

I just bought this rose and it is beautiful. The colors are stunning, a blend of different shades of orange, pink, and some yellow. Like a vivid sunset. However, be careful as this rose is quite thorny!
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Eugene de Beauharnais') on July 1, jerijen wrote:

'Eugène de Beauharnais' (Int. 1838) was named for Prince Eugène de Beauharnais, (Eugène de Beauharnais) -- a French Prince, Prince of Venice, Grand Duke of Frankfurt, Duke of Leuchtenberg, Prince of Eichstätt --- the first child and only son of Alexandre de Beauharnais and Joséphine Tascher de la Pagerie, first wife of Napoleon I.

His father lost his life in The Terror ... his mother went on to become the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

He was apparently quite an able general, thought by many to be the most able of all family members of Napoleon. He was an amateur botanist of some note -- And he must have inspired some love, since his rose was introduced in 1838, long after his death at age 42, in 1824.
Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Ruth's German Rose') on June 24, scvirginia wrote:

It's no wonder that this foundling is still around, even though its original name is unknown. It is heat-tolerant, shade-tolerant, disease-resistant, fragrant and easy to propagate from cuttings. The only prickles I've found are on the undersides of some of the leaflets. Since it's a once-blooming OGR, it's probably a good bit hardier than zone 8b where I grow it.

Ruth Knopf of South Carolina discovered this rose, and she's the Ruth of the study name.

The color in person is more violet and less pink than in the photos. I have wondered if it might be 'Violet sans Aiguillons' AKA 'Thornless Violet', but doubt I'll ever know the original name.

Talking about Rose (Rosa 'Nouveau Monde') on June 18, AquaEyes wrote:

While what was sold by Vintage Gardens as 'Nouveau Monde' is the rose shown in Steve812's picture, that rose isn't the true 'Nouveau Monde'. The original rose by that name was a purple Gallica. The rose Vintage Gardens obtained from Europe is a large once-blooming pink Hybrid China. I was the only person posting pictures of this rose on HelpMeFind, and the admins there decided to create a new file for the imposter that was sold under that name -- "Nouveau Monde -- in commerce as" -- for the sake of accuracy. It's a fine plant, even if it's not the original. And I'm ecstatic that someone else has it -- so far, that makes only five I know of in the US, but surely there are more.



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