Child plants of Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Envoy')

3 found:

Thumb of Child Child Cultivar Cultivar's Parentage
Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Entity') (((Licorice Stick x Tinsel Town) x (Licorice Stick x Ovation)) x (Cimbay x (River Hawk x (Stepping Out x Tinsel Town)))) X (((Silver Peak x Envoy) x (Licorice Stick x Tinsel Town)) x (Cimbay x ((Dawn Crest x S8-38) x (Mary Randall x Golden Chance))))
Tall bearded Iris - Rodeo Girl Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Rodeo Girl') EE 989-A: (AA 2195-B: (R 91-A: (J 127-1: (Patent Leather x G 393-1: (A 650-AA: (S 433-B: (Pierre Menard x L 474-J: (I 158-A: (Blue Glow x Black Belle) x Storm Warning)) x Grand Ball) x D 117-A: (Y 1637-C: (R 842-A: (Black Onyx x N 371-1: (L 507-A: (I 201-A: (F 142-F: (The Bishop x Ethiop Queen) x Night Spot) x Black Castle) x K 521-A: (Black Banner x Tabu))) x Grand Ball) x Y 64-A: (Sterling Silver x R 536-2: (M 1006-2: (J 240-B: (Pierre Menard x G 151-A: (Blue Rhythm x Chivalry)) x Harbor Blue) x M 1038: (Blue Sapphire x Harbor Blue)))))) x I 185-1: (B 1072-1: (T 427-A: (Allegiance x M 364-C: (L 492-A: (I 184-1: (A 105, unknown, x Envoy) x Black Castle) x L 474-J: (I 158-A: (Blue Glow x Black Belle) x Storm Warning))) x V 424-3: (R 1199-1, unknown, x Black Swan)) x Navy Strut)) x Gigolo) x Shalako) X Vibrations
Tall Bearded Iris (Iris 'Warm Hearted') (Sunset Blaze x Envoy) X Schreiners 804A

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