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Rocky Mountains

June, 2003
Regional Report

In the Garden


Nature's Little Helpers

Not everything that creeps, crawls, and flutters into your landscape and garden is an unwelcome pest or enemy. Many creatures that visit help to keep insect populations in check. Summer is a great time to observe and learn more about the life in your...
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Local Buzz

Drought-Tolerant Perennials May Wait a Year To Bloom If you are planting xeric (drought-tolerant) perennials from seed, don't expect prolific blooms...

Favorite or New Plant

Pinyon Pine A native pine that grows and thrives in hot, dry locations is a must for the water-thrifty...
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Regional Reminders

  • Use Biological Controls for Mosquito Larvae
  • Change Water in Birdbaths Frequently
  • Plant Warm-Season Grasses
  • Plant Fall-Blooming Perennials
  • Fertilize Roses

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