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Lower South

July, 2003
Regional Report

In the Garden


Lawn Watering Wisdom

In hot weather our lawns transpire large amounts of water. Just as our bodies perspire to stay cool, a plant transpires water out of its leaves. Transpiration releases heat and keeps the flow of water and nutrients moving throughout its roots, stems,...
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Web Finds

Texas Guide to Rainwater Harvesting In the "old days," folks in some parts of the country gathered rainwater from their roofs to...

Favorite or New Plant

Firebush Few plants can match firebush ( Hamelia patens ) for heat tolerance and pest resistance....
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Fall Tomatoes
  • Prune Fall-Blooming Perennials
  • Don't Allow Containers To Dry Out
  • Clean Weeds From Base of Fruit Trees
  • Soggy Soil is a Killer

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