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March, 2006
Regional Report

National News - From NGA Editors

New Japanese Sweet Corn

National News

Supersweet corn varieties created a revolution in the corn world when they were introduced because they allowed gardeners to harvest and keep sweet corn for weeks in the summer. However, some...

New Portable Label Maker

Keeping track of plants in the garden is always a challenge. Of course, the best way to know which perennial flower is growing where is to label them. But labeling each and every plant is...

Razzle Dazzle Dwarf Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtles are considered the "lilacs of the South." They grow easily in hot climates, flowering in summer when few other trees are in bloom. However, gardeners with small yards have limited...

Disease-Tolerant Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a fun crop to grow, but for gardeners in areas with humid summers, such as in the Midwest and the eastern US, powdery mildew disease can reduce production. In 2005, researchers at the...

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In the Garden


Preparing Garden Soil

Raised beds with lots of organic matter dug in provide "growing-only, no-walking" areas that encourage extensive, healthy root growth and allow better drainage. Here's how to get some started. Adding Green Manure If you grow green manure...
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Tool or Gardening Product

Garden Carryall Use a shallow plastic basket with a handle as a garden carryall for seed packets, pruners,...

Clever Gardening Technique

Get a Head Start on Sweet Potatoes Sweet potato sets can be started indoors now for planting outside in May. Place small to...
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Regional Reminders

  • Don't Soak Seeds
  • Consider Sun Requirements of Veggies
  • Remove Errant Rose Shoots
  • Give Lawns More Attention
  • Plant Scented Geraniums

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