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July, 2014
Regional Report

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Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

National News

Nutritionists are always encouraging us to add more fruits and vegetables to our diets. What's a delicious and easy way to do this? To combine them, of course! Fruits salsas blend fruits such as...

Year of the Echinacea

If you'd like to grow gorgeous flowers that are easy to care for -- and roll out the welcome mat for butterflies, bees, and birds -- echinacea, commonly called coneflower, is the plant for you!...

Extend Your Growing Season

Now, in the midst of summer's warm temperatures, may not seem like the time to be thinking about the cold weather that will be returning in fall and winter. But if you'd like to continue enjoying...

Jack London Community Day School

The peace garden at Jack London Community Day School is much more than a place for quiet contemplation and peace studies. Students at this year-round program in Valley Glen, California are getting...

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In the Garden


Growing Citrus

Citrus are long-lived plants that can be an asset to the landscape and the table. They thrive in our climate zone, so there is absolutely no reason not to have fresh lemons for your kitchen or limes for your G & Ts. And there is nothing sweeter than the...
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Clever Gardening Technique

Wait to Water Succulent Cuttings When propagating succulents such as rosary vine, jade plant, or orchid cactus, don't water right...

Web Finds

Donate to Stop California's Next Plant Invasion Before It Starts Beautifully disguised, but ugly to the core, invasive plants ravage California's native habitat,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Create a Butterfly Watering Hole
  • Dig and Divide Bearded Iris
  • Plant Perennials
  • Water Redwoods
  • Remove Spent Flowers

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