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Lower South

August, 2003
Regional Report

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Landscape Plant Propagation Information
So you have a certain landscape plant you want to propagate, but are not sure how. What time of year is best to take cuttings, how long do they typically take to root, what about layering or grafting, when do you collect seed and at what temperature do they germinate best? The University of Florida has put together a very user-friendly Web database on Landscape Plant Propagation Information to answer such questions about a multitude of garden shrubs and trees. Serious gardeners will find this to be a great resource.

Favorite or New Plant

Philippine Violet
Philippine violet (Barleria cristata) is a root-hardy perennial in the lower south that forms an attractive, upright shrub reaching about 3 feet tall. The dark green foliage is virtually pest and disease free. In late summer to fall the real show begins as the upright stems load up with an abundance of blue flowers. A white-blooming form also is available. Keep the soil moderately moist and mulch plants well in winter. This plant is currently underutilized but sure to grow in popularity fast!


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