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Pacific Northwest

December, 2003
Regional Report

Web Finds

American Orchid Society
The American Orchid Society site has something for everyone -- from an excellent beginner's corner and extensive Q&A to information about judging and showing orchids. If you take a little time to explore this site, you'll come away with a wealth of information and the inspiration to add a few orchids to your own houseplant collection.

Favorite or New Plant

Oddball Indoor Plant
Euphorbia milii (crown of thorns) is definitely an intriguing, unique, and decorative houseplant. Crown of thorns can grow to 3 feet or more, and has shrubby stems armed with long, sharp thorns. The so-called flowers are actually modified leaves called bracts; the real flowers hide within these bracts. The plant bears clustered pairs of bright red or salmon-red bracts nearly all year.

Euphorbia milli thrives on neglect. Keep the soil barely moist, watering only when the soil is dry to the touch. This plant likes daytime temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees F, and nighttime temperatures about 10 degrees lower. Bright, filtered sunlight from a southern, western, or eastern exposure is ideal and will encourage flowering throughout the year.


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