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Middle South

January, 2004
Regional Report

Web Finds

Tree Tutorials
Just up, North Carolina State University has renovated its Trees Web site, with updated information and links just in time for tree-planting season. Or, if you'd rather keep things fast and simple, look at the chart of Fast-Growing Shade Trees posted by the University of Georgia.

Local Buzz

Chestnut Comeback
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the arrival of chestnut blight, which killed the most dominant tree in regional forests, the gigantic American chestnut. Breeding blight resistance into chestnuts has proven difficult, but steady progress is now being made. It is possible that ten years from now, one of the trees you can plant with confidence will be a chestnut. Already, the American Chestnut Cooperator's Foundation offers seed nuts to interested supporters. And the American Chestnut Foundation sells both seeds and seedlings to members. These are all experimental breeding lines that may show some resistant to chestnut blight.


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