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Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

January, 2004
Regional Report

Local Buzz

Bugs Plague Olive Trees
Attention, keepers of olive trees. A recent infestation of olive fly in Sonoma and Napa Counties has put a blight on this year's production of olive oil. In some cases, growers didn't even know they had a problem until they took their harvest to be pressed.

If you have olive trees on your property and don't use the olives, strip the tree of fruit and collect it in plastic bags for disposal. Remove any fallen fruit from the ground to prevent infestation next year. Spray trees in spring with a bloom inhibitor or use a high pressure jet to knock blossoms off the tree.

For more information, contact your local agricultural advisor, master gardener program, or county agricultural commissioner.

Favorite or New Plant

Nemesia is a cool-season annual that thrives in the bay area. The flowers remind me of lobelia, only larger and more colorful. It does very well in hanging pots or as a border plant in annual flower beds. The colors range from yellow, orange, red, pink, and even some violets and purples with delightful contrasting stripes and spots.

In cool-summer areas, such as South San Francisco and Daly City, nemesia can be grown throughout the summer months. It prefers rich, fast-draining soil, full sun, and frequent fertilizing for best results. Plant a pair of hanging pots with nemesia to flank your front entry!


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