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Lower South

January, 2004
Regional Report

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Seed-Starting Tips
Learn valuable tips for starting your own vegetable and flower transplants from seed at this Timely Tips on Starting Seedlings at Home Web site from Texas A & M University. It provides easy instructions and includes a helpful chart on common problems with seedlings and how to prevent them.

Favorite or New Plant

Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis sp.)
Almost everyone admires orchids, but most people consider them too difficult to grow. This is really not true, but if there was ever a practically foolproof orchid for brown thumb gardeners it would be the moth orchid. These plants do well in the typical home environment. Provide them a bright window (direct sun is not required) and keep their bark/sphagnum growing mix moist, and they will provide years of enjoyment. In fall place them outside for a few weeks when nighttime temperatures drop into the 50s to initiate bloom bud formation. Then bring them inside and during winter the bloom shoots will emerge. The blooms last for 2 to 3 months if not damaged. Feed periodically with a dilute liquid fertilizer.


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