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Rocky Mountains

February, 2004
Regional Report

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Plants for the Rockies
With such diversity in geography, climate, and vegetation, you can't help but marvel at the beauty that surrounds us in the Rocky Mountain Region. With alpine meadows in the high country, Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert, pinion-juniper forests set against red sandstone of the Colorado Plateau in the southwest, it is truly a region of contrasts and challenges.

Gardeners in Utah can find out which plants are best adapted for the home landscape in the Horticulture Fact Sheets on the Utah State University Extension Web site. Gardeners in Colorado can find suggestions in the Gardening Online Facts Sheets on the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension site.

Favorite or New Plant

Marigold 'Naughty Marietta'
When it comes to non-stop, blooming annuals for a water-thrifty garden, the various species of marigolds offer many choices. They bloom late spring through frost despite heat and drought. Just provide a little mulch around them and they will do their thing! A smaller version, 'Naughty Marietta', is a French marigold, growing from 12 to 14 inches in height with about an equal spread. The single flowers are bright yellow with distinctive red-maroon markings at the base of the petals. Grow in well-drained soil and full sun. It makes a nice border plant and can be grown in containers, too.


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