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April, 2004
Regional Report

Local Buzz

Magicicada: It's Periodical Cicada Time!
The air will be buzzing this May and June when the 17-year cicadas emerge. None are expected to emerge in the next couple of years, so now's your chance to see this phenomena. You'll find all you need to know on the Periodial Cicada Page from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology ( It even includes recordings of them! There is ample detail on the life cycle (right down to common deformities) as well as numerous color photos and distribution maps to show the various brood ranges with their year by year emergence dates.

Web Finds

IPM Guide
Integrated Pest Management or IPM is the modern approach to monitoring, evaluating, and managing problems in the garden and landscape using least toxic methods. This Penn State Home Garden Pest Problem Solver Web page contains links to detailed information about indentifying and coping with many of the common pests and diseases and weeds you may encounter. It also includes a useful hodge-podge of links to practical home gardening information, such as suggested vegetable varieties. I suggest bookmarking this site so you can return to it as needed throughout the season.


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