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New England

May, 2004
Regional Report


The New Book of Salvias, by Betsy Clebsch (Timber Press, 2003; $29.95) covers 150 species and hybrids and their unique contributions to the garden. Here you'll find detailed instructions on growing salvias, suggestions for partnering them with other plants, and interesting tidbits about their history.

Local Buzz

Slugs Aplenty
The cool, damp weather we've had recently is bound to increase the population of slugs and snails. Keep your eyes peeled and get out the saucers of beer to trap them. Now's the time to surround plants and pots with slug-repellent, copper strips. Wait until dry weather to sprinkle a barrier of diatomaceous earth, which needs to be reapplied after heavy rain. Coffee also is a deterrent, so spread leftover grounds around plants.


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