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New England

June, 2004
Regional Report

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Gauging the Deer-Appeal of Your Plants
Deer have favorite foods just like we do, and it might help to know them so you can surround them with especially thorny or aromatic plants, which deer generally avoid. (An exception: they like roses.) This Reducing Deer Damage site from Cornell University has lists of plants and their likelihood for becoming deer browse.


You know what they say: "Know your enemy," and after reading Deer Proofing Your Yard and Garden, by Rhonda Massingham Hart (Storey Publishing, 1997; $12.95), you'll know a lot about deer. It covers a deer's life cycle and behavior and many types of deterrents, and includes specifics on different fencing options, and garden designs that discourage deer. By the way, did you know they can squeeze through a 12-foot hole in a fence?


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