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July, 2004
Regional Report

Web Finds

Viburnum Leaf Beetle Citizen Science
Cornell University presents the engaging Viburnum Leaf Beetle Citizen Science site to help educate the public about the increasingly serious viburnum leaf beetle problem. If the beetles have not reached you yet, they are most likely on their way soon! You can opt to educate yourself about the beetle and to control it by reading the FAQ and other information available at this extensive site, or you might want to join one of their project teams and become involved in researching and solving the problem. Either way, this site is well worth your time if you live in the northeast or mid-Atlantic region and have viburnums on your property or native viburnums in your area.


Grass Scapes: Gardening With Ornamental Grasses
If your mental image of ornamental grass is limited to just one kind of grass, then you need to look at Grass Scapes: Gardening With Ornamental Grasses, by Martin Quinn and Catherine Macleod (Ball Publishing, 2003; $29.95). This delightful book discusses many favorite ornamental grasses, as well as some less commonly seen. While it begins with the basics of how to grow, maintain, and even divide these plants, this book also inspires us with its many lovely photographs. The pictures tell the real story here, illustrating the grasses throughout the seasons and showing many different ways to use them in the landscape or even in the perennial garden. The book includes some planting plan samples as well as profiles of many different grasses to help you decide how best to use them at home.


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