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Middle South

July, 2004
Regional Report

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Guide to Farmer's Markets
There's nothing finer than the aroma of fresh peaches ripening in the back seat, so when I hit the road this time of year, I always hope to stumble upon a good tailgate stand or farmer's market. Now I know exactly where to find them, thanks to the database compiled by the USDA. Go to their Marketing Services Branch map, click on the state you're driving through, and a complete list will pop up, ready to print.

Favorite or New Plant

Lima Beans
Even if you don't think you like lima beans, perhaps you'll change your mind if you sow a small crop now so the tender beans mature in the cool days of fall. Tolerant of heat and pests, I think limas are the best bean to sow right now. Do thin them to at least 12 inches apart, because unlike other beans, limas can't stand tight spacing. They also have shallow roots, so control weeds with mulch rather than cultivation. New World natives, limas are thought to have originated in either Guatemala or Brazil. European explorers found them growing in Lima, Peru (hence the name), and their culture rapidly spread through warm climates the world over.


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