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Inland Northwest, High Desert

August, 2004
Regional Report


Anise Basil Baked Fish
Doesn't the basil smell great in the garden? Pick a bunch before you cook your next fish filets. This suggestion is from Renee Shepherd's Recipes from a Kitchen Garden:

Before baking or poaching fish steaks, thick filets, or whole fish, lay them on a bed of freshly picked anise basil. The herb will impart a subtle and delicious flavor in the cooking process. Anise basil can also be used when barbecuing fish; just tie a bunch together and use as a brush when you baste with oil or butter.

Local Buzz

'Shrooms in the Lawn
Warm temperatures, daily thunderstorms, and even our well-intentioned fertilizing have all combined to encourage mushrooms in the lawn. Everyone wants to know what they can do about these unsightly toadstools. The short answer is: Nothing.

Mushrooms are a type of fungus. Those in the lawn are usually a signal that there's something really yummy decaying just under the surface. Often it's the roots of that old tree you cut down a couple of years ago. Sometimes it's the result of manure fertilizer.

You can cut back somewhat on water, and nix lawn fertilizer for the rest of the season to discourage lawn mushrooms. Other than that, there's nothing to do but sit back and imagine magical fairies dancing on them in the moonlight.


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