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Middle South

August, 2004
Regional Report


A-Z Guide to Flowers
When a friend recently asked me to suggest a book that would tell her the soil preferences of different flowers, I knew exactly what she needed. The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Flowers from Seed to Bloom, by Eileen Powell (Storey Books, 2004; $24.95), has all the answers. In addition to concise profiles of 500 bloomers, there's a handy gallery of color photographs, and my favorite section -- a 50-page chart that lists major and minor species along with their bloom times, colors, and cultural requirements. This book is designed to be useful, and it is!

Local Buzz

Changing Faces
For four years I've enjoyed reporting on this site, but in a few weeks I'll be passing the baton to Suzanne DeJohn, an NGA staffer who moved to the Asheville area two years ago. We've become friends as well as neighbors, and instead of writing these reports, I'm looking forward to reading what Suzanne has to say! She's smart, creative, and so bold that she made a football field-sized planting of sunflowers this year, which she's selling like crazy. Her debut column will appear on September 2.


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