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Coastal and Tropical South

September, 2004
Regional Report

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Beneficial Insects
From the Pollution Prevention and Remediation Division of Broward County, Florida, comes an entire page devoted to photos of beneficial insects. It's difficult to know every bug in the garden, but by learning these or keeping this Beneficial Insects site handy, anyone can do a better job of pest control. Don't stomp and squish or randomly spray!

Clever Gardening Technique

Deadheading 101
Every gardener has read this sentence a hundred times in some variation: It's important to deadhead flowers. Yes it is, but the techniques involved are important and underappreciated. Pinching is simply squeezing the stem right below the flower between your thumb and forefinger until it snaps off. Pinch coleus, basil, tender lantana and verbena, and similar plants.

Use pruners or scissors to deadhead daisies, black-eyed Susans, and coneflowers. Plants like these may or may not rebloom, but deadheading the old flowers contributes to the health of other stems and reduces reseeding. In general, stems like daisies that have modified leaves running up the stem usually do not rebloom. But another stem will often take its place if you keep deadheading. To encourage crape myrtles to rebloom, cut off their flowers and also the small leaves right below them. Make the cut right in the crotch of the first true set of leaves.


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