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New England

October, 2004
Regional Report

Web Finds

ScienceDaily online magazine is worth a visit if you like to be the first one in your office to know about a new trap for potato beetles or that caffeine can reduce muscle pain during your morning workout. The breadth of topics is impressive, and the articles have already been translated from "techno-speak." It's updated daily during the week and once on weekends, so news is always fresh.

Clever Gardening Technique

Preventing Damping Off Disease
Fish emulsion not only supplies nutrients to your plants, it can even prevent damping off fungus that can kill indoor seedlings. For the disease-fighting benefit, apply it to the growing mix several days before sowing seeds. Then fertilize the seedlings with it as well.


Today's site banner is by ge1836 and is called "Coleus Dipped in Wine"