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Western Mountains and High Plains

October, 2004
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Colorful Fall Plants
Here are some plants with reddish and purple fall colors you can add to your landscape next spring: burning bush, Amur maple (large shrub or tree), 'Flame' amur maple (prefers acidic soils), serviceberry (tree or shrub), cotoneaster shrub, sumac shrub, nannyberry viburnum shrub, purpleleaf wintercreeper ground cover, 'Autumn Purple' ash tree, 'Cimarron' ash tree, 'Autumn Blaze' red maple tree.

Clever Gardening Technique

Homemade Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap
When yellow jackets and wasps are getting too close for comfort, get rid of them by trapping. Use a large margarine tub with nickel-sized holes cut into the lid. Lace the dog or cat food with parasitic nematodes (sold by companies that supply beneficial insects). Put a few scoops of this bait into the tub and replace the cover. The foraging wasps and yellow jackets will take the food back to the nesting site and eventually die. Nematode-laced pet food won't harm animals, but if they find and eat the bait, you will have to add more to get rid of the offenders.


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