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Middle South

October, 2004
Regional Report

Web Finds

Weed Gallery
Rutgers Cooperative Extension's N.J. Weed Gallery allows you to scroll through a thumbnail image index to identify weeds by sight, as well as view entries by both scientific and common names. Many of the weeds portrayed are prevalent in our region.

Favorite or New Plant

Blue Mist Shrub
The clear blue flowers on blue mist shrub (Caryopteris x clandonensis) complement the more common yellows and reds of other late-summer flowers. Also known as bluebeard and blue mist spirea, this small shrub produces flowers on new wood, so many gardeners cut it back to the ground in late winter to promote vigorous new growth. The flowers attract hummingbirds, and some varieties, such as 'Longwood Blue', have especially attractive silvery foliage.


Today's site banner is by nativeplantlover and is called "Blue Spheres"