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Upper South

December, 2004
Regional Report

Web Finds

Bird-Feeding Basics and More
Between the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, there is almost everything you'd want to know about feeding birds available online. BirdSource, the joint project between Audubon and Cornell, also provides lots of information, including links for basic bird-feeding information. Although the National Bird-Feeding Society is no longer in existence, their Web site is still maintained by Wild Bird Centers of America and includes a great download, "The Basics of Bird-Feeding: Getting Started in the Backyard."

Tool or Gardening Product

High-Tech Bird Viewing
Granted, your bird-feeding stations are probably already just outside your windows, but if you want to see them even more closely, plus document the action as well as entertain a housebound cat, consider the Bird-Vu. This is a feeding system with a built-in color video camera, microphone, and wireless transmitter able to transmit up to 300 feet. A receiver installed on a television set allows you to watch and listen to the feeding activities. The system also can be installed directly into your VCR so you can make your own bird movies. The Bird-Vu was developed by Nature Vision, Inc., a leader in outdoor video-viewing systems. The suggested retail price is $199.99. More information is available at:


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