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New England

January, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Seed Germinating Tips
Two very useful Web sites for both novice and experienced seed starters alike are Thompson & Morgan's Guide to Germination and their Seed Germination Database. Thompson & Morgan is a UK-based company, so you may find some unfamiliar terminology on their site. For example, one recommendation is to "pour a heaped teaspoon of silver sand into the seed packet and shake to mix sand and seed." Just to clue you in, silver sand is very fine sand.


Parks Success with Seeds
Even though it's more than 20 years old, Parks Success with Seeds, by Ann Reilly (Park Seed Company, 1978; used copies available on the Internet), is one of the best books I've found for concise yet complete information about starting hundreds of vegetable and flower seeds. One of my favorite features is a photo of each plant's seedling -- a great help when it's time to weed the garden. It also has lists of seeds that require special pre-treatments before sowing, a glossary of horticultural terms, and a pronunciation index.


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