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Lower South

January, 2005
Regional Report

Web Finds

Houseplant Lighting Help
These two Web sites offer very helpful information on houseplants and their lighting needs. Lighting Indoor Houseplants, from the University of Missouri, has a good list of houseplants and their growing needs. Houseplants, from Texas Cooperative Extension, includes several excellent charts that group plants by various home conditions, such as light levels.

Clever Gardening Technique

Take Guesswork Out of Watering Houseplants
Watering plants properly can involve some guesswork, especially during winter when our houseplants tend to use less water. You can dig down a couple of inches to feel the soil for moisture content, but this is messy and in some cases impractical. Some gardeners purchase soil moisture meters to stick in the container for a pretty good measurement of just how moist the soil is down in the root zone.

A simpler way to check soil moisture is to sharpen a wooden pencil and stick it down a couple of inches into the soil. Then pull it out and check the sharpened part of the wood. If the soil is dry, it won't tend to stick to the pencil. If it's moist, it will tend to stick. In soggy conditions you'll see that moisture is soaking into the wood.


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