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Coastal and Tropical South

January, 2005
Regional Report

Favorite or New Plant

Pothos 'Silver Queen'
When it comes to the houseplants known generally as "ivies" because they are vines that trail or climb, pothos deserves more attention. The leaves are heart shaped like a philodendron vine, but sturdier, with a coarser texture. That's thanks to the variegation, most often yellow or gold and green, but in the case of 'Silver Queen', an odd mix of white, cream, and sort of silver. This vine has few pests and will grow endlessly with just regular water and fertilizer and moderate amounts of sunlight.

Clever Gardening Technique

Topdressing: A Fancy Feast
While you're out there scratching around in the perennial bed and replenishing the mulch around the shrubs, take time to give them a dose of organic matter by topdressing with compost. Cut down the spent perennials and pull the mulch away, then circle each plant with an inch of finely screened compost. You can either buy already screened compost, or dig under the leaf pile to find the most decomposed material and run it through a window screen. Work the compost into the soil with a three-pronged cultivator, then replace the mulch and smile.


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