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Middle South

February, 2005
Regional Report

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Learn More About Invasive Plants
Weeds Gone Wild: Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas is a Web-based project of the Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group. It includes lists of invasive plants throughout the U.S., background information on the problem of invasive species, fact sheets, and suggested alternative plants.

The Invasive and Exotic Weeds page of lists hundreds of species with links to information and photos.

Tool or Gardening Product

Flame Weeder
In a spontaneous moment of rare indulgence, I bought myself a flame weeder. We've been battling woody weeds along our creek, especially multiflora rose, but it's been a losing battle. We've hacked it back repeatedly, but the deep roots keep resprouting. Hand-pulling is impossible, with those vicious thorns. So, this spring I am going to try burning it back. I'm hoping that if I can go out and flame the new growth once a week or so, I'll eventually deplete the root systems of their stored energy. I want to avoid using herbicides, especially so close to the creek.

I'll continue to hand-pull most weeds in my garden -- I can't justify burning fossil fuels when a little elbow grease will do the trick. (Just like I can't use a leaf blower when a rake will do.) But for really challenging woody weeds, I'm hoping the flame weeder will be an effective, ecologically sound alternative to herbicides.


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