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Pacific Northwest

March, 2005
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Rhododendron Species Foundation Plant Sale
Rhododendrons exhibit an enormous diversity of size and shape, from prostrate ground covers growing no more than a few inches high, to trees more than 100 feet tall. Between the prostrate alpine forms and large trees are a variety of shrubby forms in all shapes and sizes. The flowers may be white, red, pink, yellow, nearly blue, purple, magenta, orange, and various shades and mixtures of most of these colors. There is diversity, too, in bark texture and color. Combine these attributes with the fact that rhodies thrive in the Pacific Northwest, and you have reason to visit the Rhododendron Species Foundation Plant sale on Friday and Saturday, April 1st and 2nd, at the Weyerhaeuser Corp. Headquarters in Federal Way, Washington.

Your purchases support the Rhododendron Species Foundation and their outreach educational programs. Available plants are not limited to rhododendrons; you'll also find bulbs, perennials, flowering trees, and shrubs to beautify your landscape. For more information, call (253) 838-4646 or visit the Rhododendron Species Foundation Web site:


Learning About Garden Ecology
Insects and Gardens, a delightful book by Eric Grissellhis (Timber Press, 2001; $30), is not a handbook on how to recognize and eliminate insect pests, but a thoughtful exploration of the vital role insects play in every garden ecosystem. With this in mind, the author encourages gardeners everywhere to declare a truce with the insects we encounter. Tolerating their presence puts us one step closer to maintaining a natural balance in our garden, which extends into our neighborhoods and beyond.


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